Medical Makeup


Nipples – correction
Nipples – pigmentation

A cancer surgery and the associated change in shape of the breast, are among the most painful experiences of life of a woman. Even if an intervention was medically successful, but mostly remains the fear of optical flaw.
In case of partial and full breast amputation artistic pigmenting wart and yard for the recovery of lost symmetry makes. The optical alignment ensures that is perceived a disturbed shape only greatly reduced. Experience has shown that women very happy about pigmentation, as according to this medical-optical treatment.

My technical, qualitative and aesthetic requirements form the basis for your interest.

Lasting beauty is a precious and precious luxury is a matter of trust.
I was trained in the field Paramedical pigmentation and therefore able to be pigmented nipples in 3D optics that are virtually indistinguishable from natural yet nipples.

Range of services

  • after breast-conserving surgery. Mamillenrekonstruktion (areola) and / or Narbenretuschierung
  • before or after chemotherapy: hair drawing on the eyebrows and eyelashes compaction
  • general scar retouching: means camouflage technique, for example, after accidents, burns, surgical procedures etc.
  • Hair loss (alopecia areata): pigmentation of affected areas


Procedure after breast-conserving surgery

  1. Approximately 6 weeks after surgery initial consultation
  2. Exhibition of a cost estimate for the insurance
  3. Submitting the cost estimate from your insurance
  4. After answer the insurance limit for first meeting agree (directly without the communication from the health insurance possible)
  5. Agree about 4-6 weeks after the first meeting date for aftertreatment

Usually 2-3 sessions are necessary in order to achieve an optimum result. Depending on the type of skin pigmentation holds between 5-8 years.