Do you know this situation? After a meal your lipstick is gone or ran into the small lip wrinkles.
Or maybe you are not happy with the shapes of your lips?

With a full lip shading these problems are of the past.
Small irregulations will be evened out and you have the choice of a natural or more trendy color. The lips will be pre-drawn perfectly.
If you choose to simply emphasize your lips, the lining will follow the natural curve.
If you desire an enlargement or a correction of your lip shape, a special technique is used to color the skin between your natural and the new lip line.

The Mikropigmentierfarben are dermatologically tested, tested microbiologically and toxicologically. The inks contain no chemical additives or heavy metals and can be completely absorbed by the body (organism).
There is a selection of different colors for every skin type and the most diverse tastes